Mondelez Intl.

Mondelez International, a renowned name in the food industry, approached us with the need for a comprehensive construction solution. The challenge was clear: to conduct construction activities within their facility without compromising the integrity of their ongoing food production.

November 2023
Wall Containment System (WCS)
Mondelez Intl.

A robust wall containment system was deployed to prevent any construction-related dust or debris from entering the sensitive food production areas.

Our team worked closely with Mondelez's safety team to ensure that the highest standards or hygiene were maintained throughout the project, aligning with their commitment to quality in food production.

Customized partitions were strategically installed to create a clear boundary between the construction site and the operational zones. These partitions were designed for easy reconfiguration as the construction project progressed.

Safety was paramount. Our wall containment system included fire-rated, anti-static, and antimicrobial walls to meet and exceed safety standards, providing an extra layer of protection for both personnel and valuable assets. This solution allowed Mondelez to maintain production efficiency while undertaking necessary construction and renovation activities.

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