Requiring a solution tailored to their unique project needs, this manufacturing plant tasked Nusens with implementing a specialized wall containment system that went beyond the conventional, featuring custom-built hinged doors, a protective knee wall, and more.

October 2022
Wall Containment System (WCS)

Recognizing the potential risks associated with construction machinery adjacent to an active work area, we integrated a purpose-built knee wall into the wall containment system.

Our client required a secure yet easily accessible entry point. To meet this need, we engineered custom hinged doors within the wall containment system. These doors provided a robust and controlled entrance, equipped with locking mechanisms to ensure site security.

Beyond customization, our hoarding solution adhered to stringent safety and regulatory standards. By mitigating the risk of contamination, the system not only prioritized worker safety but also contributed to overall project efficiency. The incorporation of these innovative features showcased our dedication to creating construction environments that are both secure and conducive to optimal workflow.

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